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Road safety, Plymouth, DCornwall
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Please watch the video and see how the children are actively engaged throughout the presentation, having loads of fun, but more importantly, learning road safety.

1000’s of children are hurt or killed on our roads every year, 2/3rds of them boys, so teaching children basic road safety is highly important. 

However as with any serious subject, the problem is how to get children to pay attention and absorb the information.

The STOP, LOOK and LISTEN ROAD SAFETY SHOW Is the fun interactive way to teach children the dangers of the road, and how to cross the road safely.

Performing as Emazdad the magician I have over 15 years experience entertaining children and I’ve designed the presentation to be extra special by including lots of visual aids, involvement and funny bits.

These help to get key points across to your children to keep them safe on our busy and hazardous roads

Thank you so much to Emazdad for a brilliant road safety show. The children had a fantastic time and enjoyed learning while having lots of fun.
The mixture of magic, songs, practical activities and visual aids made a truly memorable event. We would recommend this safety show to other schools and look forward to having Emazdad back again in the future. From Jenny Atkinson, King's School Foundation and Infant Department.

The following topics are covered:-

Traffic awareness

What Traffic is on the road, and the dangers involved.

The importance of colours

Red for danger, Green for Safe.

Stop, Look, Listen and Think

Explained in detail and reinforced throughout the show as we learn the Green Cross Code.

Finding a safe place to cross.

We discuss where to cross the road safely and the children fix Emazdads picture of a zebra crossing using magic.

Be bright Be seen

Why bright Clothes make you safer. the children magic some bright clothes on a young boy who's clothes are dangerously dark.

Holding a grown ups hand

Always the safest thing, but why?

Safety First

Why safety should always come before Fun

Final Reinforcement

With Ned the Fuzzles help we reinforce the message with a road safety quiz where Ned gets all the answers wrong, and the children get them right.

Additions for smaller Schools  with larger age range

Basic Cycle Safety, use of Mobile Phones and MP3 Players while crossing the road.

As a highly experienced professional children’s entertainer I can tailor my show to suit your needs. In fact, should there be any special concerns around your School then please let me know when you book the show and I will include them in the presentation.

The show is primarily aimed at Reception and years 1, 2 and 3 but it can be easily adapted to cover the whole school from 4-10 year olds. 

My normal Fun filled Magic Shows can be performed to the whole school, however, because of the important educational content in the Road Safety Show, I prefer to perform it to groups no larger than 150 Children. This allows the children to get the maximum out of the presentation. This means that at larger schools sometimes more than one show is required to cover all the children. In this case a discount will be applied for the multiple show booking. 

If you have any questions regarding the presentation please contact me to discuss your requirements.

I’m sure that once you realise the benefits your children get from the presentation, my Stop, Look and Listen Road Show will become an essential part of your school’s annual curriculum.

Road Safety Cornwall

The Children are fully engaged throughout the Road Safety show and have lots of fun. 

Henry the monsters quiz

The Children beat Ned the Fuzzle in a fun Road Safety Quiz.

Multiple Show Discount

If you have a large School which requires more than one show to ensure all the children get the full benefit from the road safety show, I do give a discount for multiple shows. 

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My STOP, LOOK and LISTEN ROAD SAFETY SHOW is not another one of those Children’s Magic Shows with a thin veil of Road Safety information. 

Road Safety poster

This is a Full Road Safety Presentation, using Magic, Laughter and Involvement as devices to get across crucial messages.