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Balloon Modeller, Magician, Children's Entertainer Exeter
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Tips on booking the perfect venue.

You need to chose your venue carefully, You want one that's not too big, a smaller hall is much better as it eliminates any extra un-needed run around space.. 

You want a hall that doesn't have a big echo, bad acoustics will spoil the children's enjoyment of the show, and make it hard for the entertainer to control the volume of his PA.

Good parking is a must, the minimum parking you need is enough parking spaces for both you and the entertainer, but you must also think about where your guests are going to park as well. The are a few very nice halls around that Emazdad can not work in purely because there is no parking.

A carpeted hall is better than a hard floor, 1, the carpet eliminates some of the echo that you get in a lot of halls, 2, boys can't launch themselves down a carpeted floor and 3, It's more comfortable for the children when they sit on the floor to watch the show.

Balloons prominently placed outside the venue and if necessary at the end of the road, will help both Emazdad and all the guests find the party.

Please Note:-

it's very impotant to ensure you get a contact Number, preferably a mobile phone number, for the key holder on the day. That way you have a number to call if the key holder doesn't turn up on the day. Occasionally due to mix ups this can happen.